Welcome to the new website!

August 04, 2014


Welcome to the new website.

Thanks for visiting my fully loaded new website. Feel free to check out all of the great features, and get connected.

Many Great Features

This website is fully responsive, making it easy to use on any device. So whether your sipping coffee scrolling through your iPad or running errands and checking your mobile phone this site will work anywhere! Another feature would be the events calendar. The events calendar provides me to share all of our upcoming events to all of my visitors. Therefore, everyone stays in the loop and gets notified when fun things are happening in the Isagenix groups. Being a part of Isagenix, I am always telling people about my outstanding products. My new website does this for me by having a full Isagenix product gallery and slider with all of the details and prices that make it easy to explain. Including videos, product marketing materials and testimonials to help support my products as well.

Fully Custom to Fit My Brand

This new website is a great way to showcase my style as well as the Isagenix lifestyle. I customized this website according to my brand. Simple things such as changing the color, adding my logo, images of my lifestyle, and contact information. I also added my social media connections to help gain my online presence and brought another way to stay connected via the online community. Through creating this website, I have started a whole new life for my brand online and hope to spread my company vastly over the next couple years using this new tool.

Thanks again for spending time on my new website, I hope you enjoy! One day you could easily gain access to an online space similar to mine.

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